Taryll Jackson

Full name: Taryll Adren Jackson
Date of birth: 8 August, 1975
Parents: Tito Jackson and Delores "Dee Dee" Martes
Siblings: Taj and TJ
Children (with Breana Cabral): Bryce (2008), Adren (2011)



Taryll is the second son of Tito Jackson and Delores "Dee Dee" Martes (1954-1994) who carries his father's initials: T.A.J, just like his older brother Taj. Taryll, the middle one of 3T, is the glue that keeps everyone together.

When Taryll and his brothers were young, they appeared on TV and on stage with their famous uncles and aunts. Meanwhile the boys were already imitating the Jackson brothers with brooms and mops. They were learning to play instruments themselves. In 1985, (TJ aged 7, Taryll 10 and Taj 12) they were already offered a record deal, but they turned the offer down, because they wanted to enjoy their childhood. They wanted to have fun with friends, finish school and to play sports (baseball).

In August 1994, when Taj, Taryll and TJ were busy working on their debut album in the studio, their mother Dee Dee died in a horrible accident. Their mother's death wasn't just an accident; her new partner Donald James Bohana drowned her in a swimming pool and was convicted of second degree murder in 1999. For a while, Taj and Taryll had settled in University and they were enjoying life. The brothers continued to work on their debut album as 3T for themselves and for their mom and released Brotherhood in 1995 at their uncle Michael's label MJJ Music and under under their father's management. Taryll was always seen as Mr. Music since he is always working on music, either wiring songs or coming up with new melodies. Taryll wrote and produced songs (many of them with brother TJ)  for several artists over the years, including Lindsay Lohan and his aunt Janet.

In 2009 Taryll launched his official website: a place for him to share his journey and love for music. After sharing tunes and songs from the early writing and creative stages to the finished product for some years, Taryll released his solo debut EP My Life Without You on May 13th, 2012, followed by the EP Undeniable on August 29th, 2012, dedicated to Michael Jackson. Both EP's produced one single, however neither the singles nor the EP's were marketed in mainstream media.  

Taryll reunited on stage with his brothers on October 8th 2011 in Cardiff, Wales to perform a tribute to uncle Michael as 3T.  

Taj, Taryll and TJ participated in UK ITV's The Big Reunion TV show in 2014 and a they were part of The Big Reunion Boy Band Tour, a 13-dates UK Tour in October of 2014, marking the return of 3T on the scene.

In 2015, 3T star in Lifetime’s docu-series The Jacksons: Next Generation that focuses on Taj, Taryll and TJ. The series features the brothers as they work to balance a career and their lives as traditional family men while living up to the pressures and demands that comes with their last name.

As a tribute to Dee Dee Jackson, and honoring her everlasting imprint on the lives of so many, Taj, Taryll, and TJ have launched the Dee Dee Jackson Foundation. A non-profit organization built around the giving spirit and legacy of their mother. With your help, we're helping children in need. The Dee Dee Jackson Foundation brings awareness, volunteers and donations to underfunded, under-served youth programs everywhere.

3T released their long awaited and much anticipated new album titled Chapter III on November 6th, 2015  in the United States and globally on September 10th, 2016. 

In September 2016, 3T, backed by a 5-piece band, brought two unique concert experiences unlike anything their fans had ever seen before. Taj, Taryll and TJ believed that The Netherlands was the right place to have a 3T Weekend Celebration and try out new formats that are planned to be duplicated all over the world. 3T shared this next chapter of their music careers with their loyal fans and introduced a whole new generation to the magic that is 3T. 

Taryll has a new-found love for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and started launching his EDM project on August 8th 2016 and announced to share his journey as he sets out to hit to the Mainstage as a DJ and Producer. 

Taryll performed his very first solo concert on June 8th at the Melkweg in Amsterdam, The Netherlands! Taryll performed songs from his previous released EP’s My Life Without You and Undeniable and the album Crazy Love

In 2020, Taryll celebrated his 8 years of digital music experience with the release of Digital 8 exclusively on www.tarylljackson.com: a project consisting of 50 tracks with completely remastered songs, special mixes, previously unreleased songs, bonus tracks and more!

On stage

With 3T

Everything About You

Everything About You (single)
14 February 2021

1. Everything About You 2:56
2. Everything About You (Instrumental) 2:55

She Was The One

She Was The One (single)
8 January 2021

Make It Right (Acoustic Version)

Make It Right (Acoustic Version) (single)
8 December 2020

music videos

Make It Right

Make It Right (single)
1 October 2020

music videos

Digital 8 (Special Edition)


Digital 8 (Special Edition)
17 July 2020


Digital 8 (Bonus Songs)

Digital 8 
10 May 2020

Taryll Jackson celebrating his 8 years of digital music.
Exclusively available at www.tarylljackson.com.

The Bonus Songs has 20 tracks that have never been officially released. Most of these songs have never been heard before. Others are "fan favorites" that were never available until now. Purchase and listen at https://www.tarylljackson.com/digital8blue

Hands Down
Just Say The Word
One Last Time
Too Much For Me
It's Over Now
Right On Time
What's Behind Your Name?
It's Not Easy
Do It To Me
I Wonder
VIP Girl
Too Much For Me (original version)
My Page
Follow Me on Twitter
Nothing's Ever Good Enough
Don't Say
I Can't Stop
All My Love To You
Don't Say (acoustic demo)

Digital 8 (The EP Collection)

Digital 8 
10 May 2020

Taryll Jackson celebrating his 8 years of digital music.
Exclusively available at www.tarylljackson.com.

The EP Collection has 30 tracks. All 15 songs from his two EP's released in 2012: My Life Without You and Undeniable. And 15 new remixes/alternate versions. Purchase and listen at https://www.tarylljackson.com/digital8red

My Life Without You (Digital 8 version)
When You Come Back To Earth (Digital 8 version)
Doubt (Digital 8 version)
4ever (Digital 8 version)
Be My Girl (Digital 8 Version)
When it Falls Down (Digital 8 version)
Unlove You (Digital 8 version)
Undeniable (Digital 8 version)
Can't Stop Falling in Love (Digital 8 version)
Tonight (Digital 8 version)
Hope (Digital 8 version)
You Girl (Digital 8 version)
Dance Floor (Digital 8 version)
What Can I Do To Change Your Mind? (Digital 8 version)
Best of All Time (Digital 8 version)
My Life Without You
When You Come Back To Earth
Be My Girl
When It Falls Down
Unlove You
Can't Stop Falling In Love
You Girl
Dance Floor
What Can I Do To Change Your Mind?
Best Of All Time

The Next Time I Fall In Love (2020)

The Next Time I Fall In Love (single)
18 February 2020

The Next Time I Fall In Love 3:16 
The Next Time I fall In Love (Quiet Storm) 3:16

Crazy Love (2019)

Crazy Love (album)
21 April 2019

Without Your Love
All I Care About Is You
Crazy Love
Let It Groove
Make You Mine
A Long Time
You Can Say
That's What You Get
Only One You Love


Next Time (2018)

Next Time (single)
30 October 2018

No Limit (2018)

No Limit (single)
12 August 2018

TARYLL Remixes

TARYLL Remixes (EP)
September, 2017

I Could Be The One (TARYLL Remix) / Avicii (with Nicky Romero)
Siren (TARYLL Remix) / Vicetone (featuring Pia Toscano)
Closer (TARYLL Remix) / The Chainsmokers
Side To Side (TARYLL Remix) / Ariana Grande (featuring Nicki Minai)
We Don't Talk Anymore (TARYLL Remix) / Charlie Puth (featuring Selena Gomez)

Start It All Over Again (2017)

Start It All Over Again (single)
12 September 2017

Undeniable (2012)

29 August, 2012

Can't Stop Falling in Love
You Girl
Dance Floor
What Can I Do to Change Your Mind?
Best of All Time


My Life Without You (2012)

My Life Without You
13 May, 2012

My Life Without You
When You Come Back To Earth
Be My Girl
When It Falls Down
Unlove You

* In 2010 an early version of “Be My Girl” is released on Adidas 2 - The Music album. 


Bonus Songs

Taryll shared his journey of creating solo and digital music since 2006 by previewing early, rough or demo versions of his tunes online through various platforms. Many of those tracks ended up being mastered and released on the Digital 8 (Bonus Songs) in 2020.  

  • Much Too Soon (Michael Jackson Tribute) (Soundcloud, 2011)
  • Right On Time (website, 2009)
  • It’s Over Now (website, 2009)
  • 2Much4Me (website, 2009)
  • Just Say The Word (website, 2009)
  • Proud (website, 2009)
  • Twitter Twitter (Follow Me) (website, 2009)
  • Be My Girl (early version) This version of “Be My Girl” was released on Adidas 2 - The Music album in 2010.
  • Don’t Say (website, 2007)
  • Don’t Say (Acoustic) (website, 2007)
  • Coming Soon (MySpace, 2007)
  • What’s Behind Your Name (MySpace, 2007)
  • One Last Time (MySpace, 2007)
  • 2007 - features snippets of the songs “What’s Behind Your Name”, “Tonight”, “So In Love”, “Be My Girl” and “I’m Not Gonna Be” (MySpace, 2007)
  • So In Love (MySpace, 2006)
  • I’m Not Gonna Be (MySpace, 2006)
  • My Page (MySpace, 2006)