Genevieve Jackson

Full name: Genevieve Katherine Jackson
Date of birth: 3 December, 1989
Parents: Randy Jackson and Alejandra Patricia Loaiza
Siblings: Stevena, Randy Jr, Donte, Jaafar and Jermajesty



With ingénue appeal and a soulful vocal style, Genevieve Jackson was poised to make her mark on the music scene, however she also started pursuing other goals, such as helping the homeless and traveling the world to make a difference. Genevieve is engaged to Jola Huguely since 2019 and the couple resides in Atlanta. Genevieve works as a Creative Assistant at Kobalt Music.

Genevieve launched the EIGBO (Everything Is Gonna Be OK) movement in 2016 in which she used her voice to spread positivity and love. She created eigbo to give people that little bit of reassurance that we all need to hear from time to time to know that everything is gonna be ok. 

Jola & Genevieve: A Short Love Story from Jola on Vimeo.


O-Bee feat. Genevieve Jackson
All Around The World
Universal Music, 2011

B. Howard feat. Genevieve Jackson
Super Model
6 point Entertainment, 2011

La Toya Jackson
I Don't Play That
JA-TAIL Records, 2007

Background vocals by Genevieve Jackson

Genevieve Jackson Music

Genevieve Jackson has not released an abum or solo singles yet, but she did share the following tracks:

Where They Love (2012)

Get Rid of You (2009)

Bad (2009)

Losing Control


Playing You

Movie Star

Hurry Back Home


Genevieve Jackson is also featured on: 

Prove it | Patric Q featuring Genevieve Jackson (2012)

Super Model - Brandon Howard featring Genevieve Jackson (2010)

All Around The World - O-Bee featuring Genevieve Jackson (2011)

I Don't Play That - La Toya Jackson (2007)